Can No Longer Differentiate Created vs Uncreated Internal Links (v0.16.2)


With all the changes to v0.16 I’m wondering if somethings changed the way created vs uncreated links are shown. My uncreated links used to be a lighter colour and so I would know to click on it to create it. I’m no longer seeing a differentiation.

Is there a setting somewhere I’ve missed (I’ve searched but cannot find one). I’m using the default theme and sometimes Minimal theme, and am not getting any differentiation between the created and uncreated in either.


Edit: By created links I mean links that when I click on takes me to the page that already exists. By uncreated links I mean I’ve put the double brackets around a word/sentence but haven’t yet clicked on it to create the page.

Do you see the same problem in the sandbox vault?

If not, I wonder if the update’s theme-breaking changes might also affect theme-related plugins. With the default theme enabled, try disabling the Minimal Settings and Style Settings plugins, then restart Obsidian to make sure everything’s cleared out.

Oh thanks, I didn’t think to check the sandbox vault, but yes I’m having the same issue there.

I did as suggested - went back to default theme and disabled both Setting plugins. A restart didn’t change anything unfortunately.

I also created another vault with no settings changed or plugins installed (maybe this is what the sandbox vault was to check for but I thought I’d check in case) and there’s no differentiation between created and uncreated links there either.

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Yeah, that’s what it’s for. Once you saw the problem there, that proved your setup wasn’t the cause.

Sounds like a bug to me. Could you post a report in the Bugs category? (It has a template to fill out that helps the devs; obviously you can copy-paste from here as needed.)

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I’ve reported it in the bugs category. Thanks for your help.

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Hello Linda, this is a theming issue. The new theme in 0.16 has the created and uncreated links quite similar. But it can be changed in the theme, so I guess a lot of the custom themes will solve this differently. I for myself want to see no difference.

You could change this in a custom css. The code for the uncreated links is .unresolved.

For example, the following custom css will make all uncreated blue instead of the slightly lighter purple.

.is-unresolved {
	color:blue !important;
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Thank you so much. I was just searching for the CSS that could target this and was having trouble finding it.

Could you please bring up the issue as a feature request to make sure the devs are aware of it? (I’d consider this a bug, but the devs file UX bugs as “feature requests”). I’d do it but I don’t have Insider builds so can’t speak from my own experience.

Have done, the feature request is here:

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