Can metadata be used for filtering?

Hello, I am trying to make use of metadata like tags. Is it possible to filter on metadata properties like is currently possible for tags?

For example, say I want to tag a note on chapter 1 of a book with the author’s name. However, it would make more sense to keep that information as metadata because it applies to the entire note. Say I want to find the note again in a query, based on that author’s name. How do I do it?


You can use inline queries:


But for meaningful metadata mining, use the Dataview plugin.

The ‘Dataview plugin snippet showcase’ thread is worth a read.

If you’re a writer, the link from this post has tips on using YAML and Dataview.

You can place YAML at the top of a file:

key: value
key2: value2
key3: [one, two, three]
- four
- five
- six

Or use it anywhere inline in a file with two colons:

Author:: Hemingway

An Introduction to Dataview


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I’m trying to get Dataview to work, but I think I’m missing something. I’m adding YAML to the top of a note:

author: ''
title: ''
medium: book|article|podcast
url: ''
note-type: primary|re
date created: 2021-12-12 20:38

And in another note doing:

list file

I expect to see my custom metadata so I can reference them like, but I only see the implicit ones. What am I doing wrong?

Hey I am still learning Dataview but here is a helpful site that you can copy and paste from their code to your note and change the code to fit your notes and vault. It may help : Dataview

I think in your example you are not specifying what folder you want to pull a list of notes from. You need to specify what you are listing….again don’t want to lead you wrong but this website link I have above goes in detail and it’s kinda easy to get.

If you add the sample folder and two files in the attached zip to your vault (or a dummy vault), you should see how simple queries work.

Angel (2.6 KB)

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