Can many vaults reference the same folder?

What I’m trying to do

I primarily use Obsidian for ttrpgs (among some other things, but this is the big one), and I like having a different Vault for each campaign/setting. What I want to be consistent across them all, though, is my templates, reference documents, sourcebooks, etc.

I have a folder that I’ve called “_Bin” which is where I hold archived files, attachments, sourcebooks, spells, magic items, any anything else that I want to be present in the vault, but not front and center as I’m moving through my notes. What I’m doing right now is I have a separate vault that I edit and use as my master “template”, so when I add new spells/homebrew/etc, I just copy into relevant vaults…

Ideally, though, I’d like for ALL my vaults to reference the same “_Bin” folder, so that if I make a change in one vault, it updates in ALL my ttrpg vaults.

Is there a way to do this? Additional plugins etc are just fine, the only snag is I DO use Obsidian Sync so it’d have to be compatible with that.

Things I have tried

I can’t seem to find any plugins or documentation for something like this!

Two ideas I can think of:

  • Using symbolic links for a dedicated _Bin folder that is outside of any vaults and can be added to from within any vaults. Not sure how official sync will handle the symlink on any OS’s. Might need to search for that.
  • Use multiple _Bin folders (copies) for each vault (could be a problem when the size is huge) and use FreeFileSync to sync the contents before launching an individual vault.

Not sure about wanting to mention nested vaults. There is a long thread on it and it’s been a while I was reading about it. Might want to think about it or read about it.

I don’t think nested vaults would work for this

Yeah, I thought that too when I left for a ciggy. I am known for being impulsive. Just threw that in the air.
The folder should be on the bottom level and not sure how referencing to images, etc. would work.

I’m not sure how nested vault in general will behave related to metadatacache’s and so on. They could cause issue, I imagine.

symlinks would be complicated since I access these files on multiple devices and OSs, so ideally an internal solution would be best…

Ill look into FreeFileSync, it looks like it could be helpful, but still not ideal. It might be the only solution though if nothing within Obsidian’s ecosystem works out.

You could try mixing the two?
I like using symlinks on my JB iPad, for instance, but I sync with git.

But best not to overcomplicate it, of course.

Its def worth experimening I think, Ill give it a go when I have a moment to sit down with it. I guess as long as obsidian sync is reading the right files, it should be okay…? If I find a solution that works Ill def share it here. But def open to input

I don’t see why there would be any effect. At any point in time Obsidian is only working in one vault. It has no self-knowledge of the nesting.

Might want to look into whether FreeFileSync has a CLI, so one could use individual shell scripts to sync and open an instance of Obsidian vault right after.
A chat robot could help with the script, if shown the documentation in the chat editor.

That could be true given that javascript isn’t truly multithreaded, but if it were you could imagine cache updates occurring simultaneously in nested vaults. Or queries going at the same times due to async triggers. This is possibly theoretical, but I’m treading carefully with nested vaults.

Mostly nested vaults aren’t open at the same time. Not that I’ve ever seen a problem when they are.

The key is that the nesting is in the user’s mind, and that the user therefore has to understand all the ramifications of their nesting system: Obsidian doesn’t know about it and won’t be helping manage it .

Honestly my biggest bottleneck is that I don’t know how to write scripts, or code, or anything… I’m a 2d animator haha. I’m only just barely cracking into understanding Dataview basics. So while any onlookers of this thread may be able to script something, I will not. The simplest solution is going to be the best for me.

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