Can link be used to reference part of a notes

Hi, I have been using obsidian for the past 4 months, but making atomic notes ended being atomicly useless and feel disorganized no matter how much I organized my notes.

As such I decided to restart my vault with a clearer methodology, to put it simply here what I wish to do.

  • When reading a book instead of making multiples notes and putting them in folders,I would like to create 1 huge text containing all the chapter (being separated by # ## ### #### so it is organized) but since I also want to link part of the text sometime I would like to know if it’s possible to make a link from an other that send me the a specific part of the document in question instead of using multiple small notes and makin a main files with with ![[Chapter 32 : Test 1^TESTTEST]] .

Exemple : if I write let’s say [[Chapter 32 : Test 1]]

Chapter 30 : test 1 (title)

Chapter 31 : test 1 (title)

Chapter 32 : test 1 (title turned into a link)

Chapter 33 : test 1 (title)

I would like if it’s send me to the the part of the document that has this link as a title or something of the sort, is there a way to combine tags and links to do so or something similar?
Right now I’m thinking of using [[Book^referenceblock in question]]

Since i don’t want to create millions of unrefined notes, I want to have less notes but more organized one.

is it possible to do so if so how ?

It seems like you should use embeds alongside having them organized in folders.

So basically, you would still have that one huge “summary” or “collection” of chapters but you would have those chapters as separate notes.

So basically:

Summary of Chapter for Book (Note)
![[Chapter 30]] (Note)
![[Chapter 31]] (Note)

You want a link to a section/heading in similar way as link to block?

From what I understand, by using block referencing you seem to already achieve that. What then is the issue ?

Pease see the help docs—they’re really helpful!

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Thank you for some reason when I was searching trough it yesterday it didn’t register to my mind for some reason, it’s great that I can use # instead of ^ (which would send me to specifi paragrah) but # can send directly to a specific heading exactly what I needed.

Combining both will make it much more usefull Thank you very much.

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