Can I use a single note as a database for a diff

A template to provide an alternative view/API for an existing note.

I am very new to Obsidian and blown away by all the possibilities. Wondering if I can do this can be done, what I need to learn for it:

I have a list of questions to ask a client during a consultation and I’d like to record answers in Obsidian.

  1. Can I have a template to display questions/headers (change the color of the headers?) that I haven’t filled with answers yet?
  2. Once I am done, can I use those answers to be displayed as a nicely looking filled-out form for me to export as PDF/Print, skipping my lengthy questions/pricing info/other cheat-sheets I insert for myself to remember to go over with the client? I only wish to retain information in a clear and presentable nice formatting.

Is it possible with Obsidian? What can I learn/where to look for something similar?
Thank you!!!

  1. There are many “community themes” to choose from. I think there are “community plugins” that allow changes to the default style font colors for those community themes. I’ve been using the community theme “Blue Topaz” because it doesn’t underline the URL or internal links. It’s closer to Wikipedia, which I really like, than any other community theme I’ve found.

  2. I use double percentage symbols before and after the content, %% content %%, to hide content and data that I don’t want displayed in the generated PDF. Hidden content can be part of the template; however, the hidden content can only be seen in the “editing view”, not in the “reading view”.

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Thank you!

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