Can I tag quotes/sentences/lines and later make a list of them?

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I am taking notes and outlining a document on a specific topic in a note file in obsidian. During this process I come up some good descriptions/sentence formulations that I most likely would like to write into the document that I am to write next. Is there a way to mark quotes/sentences/lines in a way that I can create a list of them later where the text is written out?

A case:
outline for document.

  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum posuere vulputate enim sed maximus. In id risus sed enim mollis porttitor. Aenean hendrerit, augue lobortis semper accumsan, eros urna iaculis ligula, vel varius nulla leo eu leo.
  • Vestibulum ultrices eget sapien eu rutrum. Donec tempor et nisl ut congue. Donec auctor gravida enim. Pellentesque porta justo nec sapien rutrum mollis. Nam porttitor lacus sed mi mattis, vitae elementum augue malesuada. In molestie condimentum sem quis sagittis (a tag that this sentence/formulation sounds awesome)

make a list of all the awesome sentences/lines that was "tagged" 

Your best bet would be embedded search/query. I don’t think dataview can return a block unless u make it a key:: value pair. So right now you may do this


But if u want go for dataview route, do refer to this post


Thank you for the help efemkey :slight_smile: that was what I was looking for.

I now add “goodSentence::” in front of a good sentence and then list them with dataview for a given project like this.


from [[a given project]]

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