Can I resolve my Discord server ban?

After months of not using Obsidian I finally wanted to return to it to assist me with Stellaris (A game I’m playing) however, I’ve discovered I’m banned from engaging actively with the community in the Discord server.

I’m not entirely sure why I was banned, at the request of any staff who can look into it I’ll DM them my user including my accounts username, tag and ID as I don’t feel comfortable giving that info away publicly in this post.

I can’t apologise yet because I don’t remember what I did so it would be superficial to do so, however I am willing to apologise for whatever it was that I did as I’m not flawless, it won’t happen again as I really do need the Discord server for my own benefit to engage actively, ask questions in real-time and all in all just really lean on it for support and assistance. For obvious reasons I will have to turn elsewhere if I can’t appeal this ban as Discord really is a good bastion of support for software, games, etc.

Most likely your account was hacked after clicking a bad Discord link. There have been a few such problems.

DM me!

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I don’t see a message option on your profile, can my trust level DM people? Also I don’t know if it’s due to being hijacked, don’t recall that happening but I guess that could be the case and if it’s not because it’s hijacked well, I’ll find out what it was. I don’t recall being banned in the slightest.

Sorry, didn’t read carefully enough. Yeah if you don’t see a Message button when clicking his profile picture, that requires admin intervention. I see one, for what it’s worth.

There were plenty of accounts that got booted from the Discord after they started spamming. If yours was hijacked, this would’ve happened without you knowing. It isn’t a big deal.

I’ll DM you.

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