Can I rearrange folders outside of Obsidian

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This has probably been answered, but I couldn’t figure out how to word a search to give me relevant results.

If I rearrange files in the vault folders, outside of Obsidian, will Obsidian recognize this and know where to find them? That is, if I move all the files from Subfolder A to Subfolder B, will Obsidian know where they are and update its links accordingly?

Yes, as long as you don’t have links with reference to folder because of duplicate names:

[[Attachments/file]] will not update if you move the file outside of Obsidian.
[[file]]will still work, since it just links to the name of the file

The attachments should still be fine if everything is still inside the Obsidian vault, though, right? (I’m just trying to reduce my total number of folders, so I want to move everything en masse from one subfolder to another, but I only have a single level of folders and they’re all in the vault.)

It doesn’t matter where the files are located (within the vault, in non-hidden folders), and where you move them, as long as you don’t have naming conflicts. All links should update fine, except the links with an absolute folder reference – which you shouldn’t have unless you already have naming conflicts.

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