Can I query for headings in Dataview?

Everything I’ve found so far has led me to believe that this feature simply isn’t supported, so I’m
resorting to my last hail mary. Please end my suffering with a definitive devastating blow.

As far as I can tell, the only real way to query for multiple lines of text is to put them into a custom property, which would have worked ine for me, might have even been preferable, if markdown formatting in those wasn’t so wonky.

In a pure Dataview query the headings are not available. But there are some workarounds in some cases. If you are working with list or task items you can access the heading an item belongs to.

Through some hackish extensions of Dataview you might also be able to get the headings of a given note, but it’s kind of sketchy code to do so, and it might be broken in a future version of Dataview.

You can also access some headings through a link referencing a heading. This of course depends on the existence of those heading links.

Within dataviewjs, and other javascript variations, you can access the metadataCache and get access to the headings without having to read the actualn file content of the notes.

I ran into this one too. I’m not sure what problem you’re solving, but for me I pivoted to embedded queries to accomplish the visibility I wanted. Example: I want a single note that references every 1-1 meeting I’ve had with Bob. I start all those meetings with ## Bob 1-1, so instead of Dataview I use:

line:"# Bob"

With a closing ``` as well (but can’t seem to add that).

Hope that helps.