Can I publish multiple sites from a single vault?

If I have a single vault with two types of content in it, can I publish one set of content to an obsidian Publish website, and the other set of content to a different of Publish website?

For example, I have dungeons and dragons notes, some of which I’d like to publish for my players to see. I also have my blog and I would like to publish that too. The occasionally overlap, but really I would like the players campaign notes to be just those notes, and have my blog separate.

I prefer that they live in the same vault because their occasionally overlap, but only in ways that I don’t really want to put on any obsidian published website

I have the opposite problem. I’d like to publish two sites from two vaults - one for notes, and one for a blog - but I don’t want to pay $16/month instead of $8.

Maybe I can get by with two folders in a single vault to save money.

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