Can I open tabs immediately to the right in Obsidian v1.0?

Pre-v1 obsidian I used sliding panes, and when I wanted to open a new pane immediately to the right (but not at the far right), I’d quickly split the current note + open/create my desired note.

In the tab-based v1 Obsidian, this is no longer possible because splitting the note creates a separate tab space. Yet if you just try to open a new tab, it automatically gets opened on the far right. Is there a way to open a new tab immediately to the right of the tab in current focus?

If you open a link in a new tab, it opens next to the current one, so you could do that and reuse the tab.

Yeah it seems like this may be the best option?

Is not 100% ideal, as something a note just won’t have a link to open, but it may be the best option with the updated Obsidian version

Maybe I’m miss understanding. Can’t you use the plus icon to open a new tab? It’s at the end of a row of tabs or above the stacked tabs if using those.

They know how to open a new tab — they want it to appear next to the current tab, not after the last tab.

Oh I see. I just meant if there wasn’t a link in a note to click then the new tab button is there but I see now it would open at the end of the stack.

Hi Chris @chris.lovejoy, As of writing, a few hours after the previous entry, I’m updated to v1.0.3. I just tried opening a new tab, and it opened directly next to the tab, not at the far right end.

Maybe they adjusted this in the early update?

I’m on v1.0.3 (on MacOS) and it opens at the far end. I have some tabs pinned — maybe that makes a difference?

likewise, am also on v1.0.3 MacOS, but still having tabs opening far right. which OS are you @Smithy?

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Hi again Chris @chris.lovejoy. I’m on Win10/11. tabs are still opening at the far right for me.

To be honest, I didn’t really need Tabs, but I guess I just got used to them.

When browsing on my laptop, I use Firefox and Vivaldi. I just tried them both and both open Tabs immediately to the right of my current tab.

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