Can I make a table over 1,000 rows?

Hello, I’m Rodii
I’ve used Obsidian for 3 days. It is very nice and good to make notes with various plug-ins!
I tried to make a table with HTML codes. The table, which is about 50 rows, works normally. But I made a table about 800 rows, and the table loses its shape. Its source code is 230,000 characters…
By the way, when I opened the file about 50 times, I could see the perfect form of the table about 3 times! (This is half joke and half sadness)
The reason why I do this is to move data from Notion.

What I’m curious about is…

  1. I need to make a bigger table in the future. How can I make it work normally?
  2. Can I get the table from Notion so that the data in it can be searched?

when I succeed,

When I failed,

Editing view shows me the table 3 per 50 times.
Reading view doesn’t show me the table anyway…

I would suggest splitting the table into multiple tables. This I would do even I kept the table in one page, but I would most likely split it into multiple pages, and rather have a navigation bar at top.

One somewhat easy split would simply be based upon the starting letter, and then have a header and footer containing links to all of the letters.

I’m suspecting your issues arise from a combination of long table and Obsidian attempt to make it easier on itself by using viewports related to visible areas of a given page. (This statement given I’ve understood some of the other stuff talked about in other threads)

Thank you for answer this thread !

The reason I tried a big table is that it is not possible to search some data in multiple files at the same time in Notion.

Now, I Use the Obsidian, so I can divide the table and It can be going to make good result !

Thank you again for your answer !! :grinning:

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