Can i have the permission to show case an application i created in the forum

hey guys ,

i created an application to take timestamped notes from video lectures , as i was skimming through lot of video lectures lately.
i never thought the app will grow to a level of consumer grade application.
but over the course of the period i managed to pack so many features into it.
And i believe it will benefit some of the forum members .
Can i post an external link showcasing what it can do in the forum here.
it is obviously free :star_struck:

Disclaimer : it will only work in windows , i am really sorry for mac and linux users

thank you

If it’s not an Obsidian plugin or directly related to Obsidian, then no, this is not the place to promote your app. Thanks for asking!

If you are answering someone and you think the tool would help with something they are specifically asking for, those links would generally be ok. As long as you are respectful and don’t link too often or aggressively. Otherwise it may be flagged by users.

And there would be no problem with putting a link in your profile bio.

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Thank you for the reply .
i have posted in share-showcase section with a link to youtube video of how to take notes in obsidian from videos
Hope that is OK.
if it helps some one let it be , that’s the only intention behind this.

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