Can I embed a piece of note... within the same note?

What I’m trying to do

I created a template for a client project. It has multiple stages - multiple conversations with the client and questions that I ask. Is there a way to show portion of the note in a later portion of the same note? E.g.

Conversation 1:
List of locations where this change will be visible
Conversation 2:
Confirm list of locations…

Is it possible to build it into A TEMPLATE for Conversation 2 to automatically embed text into Conversation 2 FROM Conversation 1 so that I can see what my client already mentioned/add/update that list based on his current response? Instead of scrolling to see what he said before… it would be so helpful!!!

I am daydreaming of some functions that can reference the current file, something like this.file#Conversation1? Does anything like this exist?

… or… if I have a file name listed as one of the properties - is there a code that will help me retrieve it and build this link dynamically?

Thank you so much!!!

Yeah if I’m understanding you right you can do this with templater ts.file.title along with block links.

So your template would look like this:

Conversation 1:
List of locations where this change will be visible ^conversation1

Conversation 2:
Confirm list of locations ![[<% tp.file.title %>#^conversation1]]

And when added to a file it would replace ![[<% tp.file.title %>#^conversation1]] with the conversation1 text. If I misunderstood what you’re asking let me know.

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For the specific case of locations to be verified you could also use inline fields (from dataview). Then it could look like:

 I like [location:: venue a]], and [location:: venue b]]. Then again [location:: venue c] is also nice...

Which will it be then:  `= this.location` ?

Where you’ll see all locations when in live preview or reading mode in the latter part.

That is where backlinks can help you. Instead of in the side pane, backlinks can also be displayed at the bottom of the note, in the style of Logseq. Use the “Backlinks: Toggle backlinks in document” command for this.

If you properly file-tag notes about conversations with your client (i.e. [[Client]], not #Client), then these automatically will appear at the end of the note “Client”. Have the note for your current meeting on the left, and the “Client” noteopen at the right: all information about previous interactions is now available in the backlinks in the right pane.

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Wohooo!!! That works, thank you, totally awesome!!

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