Can I create a wiki with files hosted inside for multiple people to access and download?

I need to create a wiki for a project in my school. The wiki will include how to guides, have files inside it (cad, pdf, mp4, jpeg etc) and people need to be able to remotely access and download the files. I have bought publish to play with it and try to make it work, but I couldnt set it up where it functions as I described it. Do you have any suggestions have I can do this? Or would you recommend another software for me?

I’m pretty sure that should be doable with Publish. Can you describe what you tried and what happened? I don’t use Publish but I imagine you’d make a note and in the note put a link to the media file.

I guess you must have already seen Introduction to Obsidian Publish - Obsidian Help, but if not there it is.

Hosting media files - Obsidian Help also seems relevant.

I need to link files from the schools server to the site, so when people need to access it, they can click and download it. However when I add a file link to my page, and ask for a friend to try and download it, it says " the link destination does not exist"

Can you post one of the links here (with the main part changed to for privacy), marked as code, so we can see if if there’s some kind of error in the link?

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