Can I change link style in all notes at once or a subset?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Is it possible to select a note or a set of notes (Like a folder) and have Obsidian change the format of the links in all the notes in that folder to one of the 3 options that are available? (shortest path, relative path, absolute path)

I’m finding that I had relative path as the default but now I want to change some of my notes to use shortest path and so far the only way I can do it is to by hand change the link.

I’d like some sort of automated way to change link style.

Obsidian Linkk Converter Plug-In gets most of the way there. The covert to shorter links only works on a per note basis as far as I can see if they are already wiki links and you are not chaning them but it is possible to make it work.

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