Can i build vault on existed dir cotaining 100'sG(multi subdir&files) video log? will it be slow?

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I got lot mp4 files of my son’s MMA lesson, stuctured by date subdir. can i build vault on parent level so that my note mds will locate in same subdir with mp4s. I’m not sure will it be slow
(will obsidian scan and process my videos) in the future md note writting (eg. embed and mark video timestamp).

You can if you’re not using Obsidian Sync (because it imposes a 10 GB limit on vaults).

I don’t think large video files will slow Obsidian down — I think it just indexes the name and location of video files. Large numbers of files will gradually slow Obsidian down. I have about 6,500 notes, and my vault opens a little slower than I’d like on mobile. Searches can sometimes feel a little slow, but otherwise it runs fast once it’s open.

thanks for reply. luckly I don’t have large file number. I wonder how Obsidian locate my mp4, is it use a relative path (./video.mp4 or just video.mp4) or full path (d:\dir\video.mp4).
I hope it use relative path so that I can make my vault portable, and sync my dir structure(video and notes) to different storge.
can I write note embed mp4 in the same dir with relative path, and sync to portable HD. will the link avilable in new location?
thanks again

You link and embed videos the same way you do notes. Internal links - Obsidian Help

You can set relative links as your default link format at Settings > Files & Links > “Nee link format”.

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You save the day. link format noted.
Thanks a lot!

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