Can I auto-link references inserted with the Citations plugin from Zotero or similar?


in short

Can I auto-link references inserted with the Citations plugin or similar?

What I am doing

I am doing a literature review of mainly peer reviewed journal papers. I am writing on many subtopics/notes that are different at the same time. These topics are appearing during my review work and are not fixed from the beginning. All notes are linked directly or via other notes. I am using something that reminds of Zettelkasten, but not strict. All notes have: a link to a more general category/note, a link to a more specific category/note, and a link to a related category/note and I am very strict about always giving this information (I got that from a blog).

I am using the following setup:

  • Obsidian (plugins: Citiations, )
  • Zotero (plugins: ZotFile)
  • Researchrabbit (with integration with Zotero)

My challenge

When reading a new paper I often get a new perspective on some topic I have read in another paper (my own brain remembers - not obsidian :slight_smile: ). However if this topic has not yet been turned into a note it is difficult to find that paper again - especially if I only skimmed it the first time I read it. I currently have more than 200 references and I spend more and more time finding a reference again I need to revisit because I want to use it when I create a new note/topic/category.

Half an idea for fixing my problem and where I need help

I think it is easy to find notes again because of the link system in obsidian. I am thinking about if it is possible to have a similar system for references inserted with the Citations plugin from zotero. If all references that are created/inserted with Citations have links for all references in its reference list, then reference-notes already in my folder for references are now linked which gives me one more option for finding a reference again which is easy and fast because it is in obsidian.

Maybe you are looking for something like this:

I use this plugin frequently when working on Zotero and need to go to any obsidian note I have created before.

For any details, you would ask @dae

By the way, with the new Zotero 6-beta, you can drag and drop your Zotero notes into an Obsidian note. Pressing the SHIFT key during drag-and-drop you will keep the links to the corresponding PDF file (and page) in the new Zotero PDF reader


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