Can dataviewjs render contents of a note that is outside the YAML header

I am trying to list the contents of notes in a dataview using dataviewjs

In the documentation, I see nothing about or anything that looks like it will render contents, just YAML tags.

About «metadata», this is valid for DQL queries or DVJS: besides yaml frontmatter, you can create new fields in your content using the format key:: value.

  • full-inline-fields: start a new line with key:: value
  • inline fields anywhere:
    • using the format [key:: value] - using square brackets;
    • using the format (key:: value) - using the round brackets;
    • the difference between the two type of brackets is related with the render of the fields: go to settings > dataview and enable “inline fields highlighting” (with the round brackets the key doesn’t show when in reading mode).
      Data Annotation - Dataview

About the generic question related with the contents, dataview works dynamically with medatata, not the full content of the notes. The only content available to be queried is the task text.
It’s possible to use javascript to get the content… but not in easy dvjs way. (but js isn’t my ground…)

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