Can anyone tell me what happened here? [Bug]

Android Platform

Obsidian Mobile version: Latest Version

Been using Obsidian and the Mobile version for a 1year plus to record rando ideas and write stories.
I opened the mobile app to write today. Then this happened. These Dots replaced text. I lost a section. Please see screen shot. Is my privacy compromised somehow? How would I have done this on accident? I’m unsure.

I don’t download suspicious 3rd party apps. My battery usage was looked at and deemed typical. There’s no app using excess background mobile data. Permissions are extremely limited and i’m aware of what permissions each app is using and everything seems to be in order.

Lag in obsidian mobile and desktop occurs even when 3rd party community plugins are removed. The theme is default. How should I proceed? I’m perplexed and have limited coding experience. Just you’re average writer here

sad and confused by the dots…

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