Can actually test this now, running down some basics:

things want to know

  • why does “new note” not go into the “new folder” made??? it keeps making a new note in the inital folder ???

  • when you have an instance of this opened, and you open a new instance on a different virtual desktop, it doesnt open to where you left of or the most recent page. How to make it do this?

  • what’s hotkey for new folder?

  • i guess you can’t copy rich formatting into this?

  • on inital startup (new instance) of this app, it doesnt open to where you left off or where you were at, how to make it do that?

i cant even ask about anyting else cos everything is like so confusing this is a very werid app with not normal UI (thus relatively bad UI)

it’s extremely confusing and i’ve used a fair amount of normal apps, it’s a very frustating app

things that can be made better, non-deal breakers

  • there’s no search in the setttings/options
  • in the hotkeys, why is there ‘blank’? look at any good game UI with custom keybindings, they dont have ‘blank’ and can greatly be improved on

things that work

hotkey for new note works
has fullscreen

i think i tested like 4+ appps already and they all sux but one, and 2 of them including this one doesnt do basics well

im so frustatted by this app the most, or mayeb it’s just cos it’s the 3rd (not last one) and so i think im just gonna go back to onenote and save myself all this trouble

cos of the 3 apps meets minimal requirements right now and the miniaml is pretty low so… eh

Each one of your bullet points should be a separate post in a particular forum category (Bug Reports or Feature Requests, for example) and follow the guidelines. No one will answer all your questions on a single post.

You should also search the forum for previous posts that address the problems you point out.

I get the feeling that Obsidian may not be the app for you at all. What kind of app are you looking for? Are you aware that Obsidian is in beta?

Also, the kind of broad derogatory statements you make won’t help at all. It just looks like you’re getting stuff out of your chest — things that most likely won’t be any app’s fault.


My advice is “spend 30 minutes on Help vault”. It is there for reason.