Can a folder be a clickable search result?

What I’m trying to do

I want to be able to search for a folder and to navigate there. The usual search will not give a folder as a result.

Things I have tried

I tried using path:Tennis in the search, but the only results are files.
I tried using the Quick Switcher … and that worked great for one Folder (Tennis) but not for others (Serve, Backhand)

It seems weird I can bookmark a folder, but I can’t search and find one.

Is there an addon that allows me to search for a folder ?

Thanks for the help. I love Obsidian by the way. I almost went for Logseq but the defined tree (folder) structure helped get me started.

Maybe this will help ?

As far as I know, no. Quick Switcher shouldn’t be opening folders either so I’m guessing the one that opened was bookmarked? You can click on one of those files and then do “Reveal current file in navigation” (there’s a plugin that makes a button for that command). You could try the OmniSearch or QuickSwitcher++ plugins, but I don’t know if either can do it. If those don’t work, try searching “folder” or “search” or both in the plugin store.

It doesn’t look like OmniSearch will do what you’re looking for. (But I literally installed it half an hour ago, so don’t rely on me for in-depth knowledge of its nooks and crannies.)

You might consider a workaround that will result in almost exactly what you describe: use the “Folder notes” plugin, which will put a note inside every folder with the same name as the folder. (It’s easy to exclude/include individual folders or whole subtrees from this if you want.) In the navigation tree in the side panel, it looks like the folder-note is the folder itself. If you search for the name of the folder, the search will find the folder-note, but it will highlight the folder icon if you go there.

If you’re OCD, your subconscious might seethe over the idea that the file-structure of your vault is now cluttered with a bunch of empty notes. But in the view you get from inside Obsidian, they might as well be invisible.