CamelCase links please

Use case or problem

I’m coming over from another wiki-type platform and have a lot of CamelCase links in my files. Use case: Obsidian allows CamelCase links to be interpreted as [[wiki links]] so users with those links can use Obsidian fully.

Proposed solution

either code in that specifically or maybe (bonus value) make some sort of compatability processing like Epsilon (Android Markdown editor) does. Like this:



  • Dave

Please, people, stop using RegEx’s like the above! There are about 1,113,920 more valid Unicode code points currently defined for other languages, not only ASCII.

And what do you mean when talking about “CamelCase links”? Internal and external links can have many forms (including CamelCase), external links must also adhere to some standards.

Ha ha, thanks about the regex - I’m just a google-copy-paste type person so I wouldn’t know good regex if it hit me in the nose.

Anyway, in Tiddlywiki (the source of this practice) you can write SomeLink (without the [[brackets]]) and that will be interpreted as a link. In Epsilon Notes (android markdown note app I currently use for my notes) you can make that work using the regex above. I’d love to be able to do that in Obsidian too.

Just coming to O and missing CamelCase links too. It’s far too much typing with all the brackets.

I want to write my normal text, use a CC word and have a link created to all the document/sections with the same name.

Adding this won’t conflict with the current way of doing links.

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what is CC word ? Could you make a example, I use TiddlyWiki before a lot of camel case link used too

I assume “CC word” is CamelCase word