Callback on iOS?

Things I have tried

I have tried appending to a file on iCloud Drive and ran into the issue with iOS’ sandboxing.

Also have tried using shortcuts and advanced URI, but it seems that without something like a x-callback-url in the Obsidian mobile app, I can only process a single item at a time.

What I’m trying to do

Been super excited to use the Obsidian mobile app. I’ve been finding Obsidian very flexible and powerful. I have started trying to figure out how to tie the mobile app into some of the workflows that I’m already using. In particular I use Drafts on iOS as a way to quickly capture notes. I keep a collection of notes in Drafts’ inbox and at a certain point when it gets to around a few hundred I will get around to appending them to my daily notes.

Each note is appended to the daily note that corresponds with the date the note was created. The issue I have is that using Shortcuts or the URI I can only do a single note at a time, whereas I would like to be able to run multiple notes through the same action. Previously with dropbox as my vault sync I was able to directly append to the .md file, and running the action it doesn’t need to leave the Drafts app. This workflow no longer works syncing with iCloud. And it doesn’t seem like the Obsidian mobile app currently supports something like a x-callback-url.

Thanks if anyone has any ideas or suggestions.

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