Call for plugin performance optimization - especially for plugin startup

One thing that is so appealing to many users is that Obsidian is fast. Lag is the mind-killer. As people start installing more and more plugins, the performance, or lack thereof, begins to accumulate and has a negative effect on performance, especially for older devices.

Obsidian now can time plugins at startup to get a metric on performance. This can be enabled in Settings → Community Plugins.

This is a CALL to all plugin developers to optimize their startup time and, in effect, help keep the excellent performance reputation that Obsidian has.

So the question is: can you delay some startup tasks until certain features are needed from your plugin? Do you do some time-consuming processes that can happen a little later after Obsidian has finished initializing and the user has started to work?

With a bit of thinking and testing, we can probably optimize our startup time, which impacts the startup time of the entire application, and still get what we need in the end.


Bump to this. The last thing you want is a speedy Obsidian with plugins bogging it down

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Interesting: @zsviczian

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A possible workaround for startup time performance: