Calendar trigger future day?


i work with the calendar plugin and periotic plugin, i have a question.
is it possible to automatically create a day that lies in the future?

when i click on a day in the calendar widget, a template is created for this day.

exactly this function would be good in a script or something. is that possible somehow?

Why do I want that?

i have a note in which all the days of the week are embedded for a week, but here i have the problem that if this has not yet been created, via the calendar trigger, i only get a create link, but this does not trigger the template for the day…

hopefully someone understands me :slight_smile:

Not answering your question directly, but I’d use Templater’s folder template functionality for that.

For example, a weekly note will look like this:

- Monday: [[Daily/2024-01-01|2024-01-01]]
- Sunday: [[Daily/2024-01-07|2024-01-07]]

If you configure Templater so that it can trigger a template for daily notes when creating a note under the Daily folder, every time you click these links, the daily note for that date will be created.

thanks for the answer.

unfortunately my english is very poor.

I have a template → weekly overview
i click on the weekly view in the calendar

this template shows me every day of the week:

the problem is that some days of the week have not yet been created by clicking on the calendar (template tag), so i have empty links in the week view!
Unfortunately I can’t click on these links because they create a normal note and don’t trigger the calendar day event…

if you could click on the links and trigger a templater event from the templater plugin, it would be the solution

or else
a script that is triggered, for example, when I go to the weekly view and automatically creates 7 days…

The Calendar community plugin lets you create future daily/periodic notes by clicking the appropriate day/ week/etc, on the calendar.

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