Calendar plugin only shows notes from the default daily notes folder

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to make the calendar plugin show all daily notes in my vault, rather than only the daily notes that are in the “New File Location” for daily notes folder.

For example, right now my daily notes automatically get created in my March 2023 folder so only daily notes from March 2023 appear on the calendar.

Picture of folder structure for daily notes.

March 2023 shows my daily notes in the calendar…

While February doesn’t.

Things I have tried

This post on Reddit illustrates the same problem that I have. The only solution that was recommended was to put all daily notes in the same folder. If this is my only option, what are some ways to reorganize my daily notes?

Using a folder system for daily notes is extremely helpful with organization. I would not recommend cramping everything into one folder

The Calendar plugin by Liam Cain is abandoned. You should never accommodate for abandoned projects when there are alternatives. As Obsidian updates get pushed, the plugin will pile up more and more bugs. Therefore, trying to accommodate is a never ending trap

My Suggestion

I would recommend using an alternative plugin. My personal recommendation is the “Google Calendar” plugin. You don’t need to setup Google Calendar syncing but, it does help you sync your workflow and schedule across your devices

You just need to toggle the “Show daily notes” setting

In order to add it to the sidebar just use the command palette and select, “Open Google Calendar Month view”

Afterwards, drag the newly opened tab to the sidebar (optional)


You can follow a similar procedure and use other plugins like “Full Calendar” or “Chronology

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


FWIW, I know the link below is nearly a year old so things might have changed but @liam says that the Calendar plugin has not been abandoned … (completely agree about being wary of using abandoned plugins and themes)

I use my own version of the link below, allowing all the daily notes to be listed in the calendar while maintaining a year and month folder structure that is automatically generated when notes are created:

If you use a number and name for monthly folders, you would need:



That post is a year old and no update has been made since. Its been two years since any active development has taken place. In addition, there are 107 open issues, yes, the plugin is abandoned.

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Thank you both for your helpful responses! I have moved to the Google Calendar plugin since I was looking to integrate my Google Calendar into obsidian, and changing my date format to what @eightning suggested allowed for all the daily notes to appear in the calendar.

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Hi :wave:

I still have doubts. It has more than half a million downloads; its developer is now a member of the core development team for Obsidian; and as ‘recently’ as November one of the Obsidian founders added a funding url to the repository (suggesting that four months ago it was still seen as active). Perhaps it is going to be abandoned or integrated into the core or Liam has just been too busy coding for Obsidian itself.

If the plugin was causing real problems for half a million users and those users were feeding back to the Obsidian team, at least the team would know exactly how to solve any issues. That the team have left it available on the plugin directory makes me think it still is being used without causing significant problems and perhaps still has a life ahead in some form or another.

Another reason why it still might be available is that other plugins appear to have been forked from its code.

Be nice, for sure, to get a definitive answer.


Hey! I have to preface, by abandoned I mean there is no active development taking place. Of course, the plugin is still mostly functional present day. But, its safe to assume with two years of inactivity, bug fixes are out of the picture

I love the plugin too and most calendar plugins use the OG code

It is an OG plugin! Its become a core factor in a lot of workflows because it was one of the first few on Obsidian. Half a million downloads doesn’t mean they’re all active users though

Sliding panes has 333k+ downloads, I doubt they’re still using it though

The plugin was revolutionary, its not odd to assume that people would want to donate even though it is abandoned. Many plugins still depend on it and it is a godsend

Imagine a workflow without any calendar or periodic format?

Those are not all active users.

In addition, the Obsidian team does not manage or review plugins (outside of initial release.) Dated plugins that don’t function aren’t removed. The only plugins that get removed are ones with malicious code or security flaws.

Also, it won’t cause any major issues if used, I agree. But, there are still unresolved issues and I don’t see them being resolved

If they added the plugin to core development, that would be sick! I can definitely see it happening since Liam is apart of core development now and everybody loves the plugin

In time, my friend. Though its not being upkept, its not forgotten. There’s a lot of hope in that

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