Calendar plugin - fast jump to past months and/or to of currently active note


I keep a lot of timebound / journal notes, for which the Calendar plugin is helpful to organize. Often when viewing a timebound note from say 10 months ago, I find it helpful for context to peruse other notes from around the same time. In the Calendar plugin, this requires clicking back the months one-by-one until I get to the correct month, which can be cumbersome for older timebound notes.

From here, there is a convenient option to click the TODAY text and return to the current month. However, then I’ve lost my place and have to go click-hunting to return to the previous month. This is especially cumbersome if having to go back and forth between notes far in the past and current notes, which is a situation I come across not too infrequently.

This is sort of annoying for cases of e.g. looking 10 months back. But when I occasionally want to look way back at notes from say 9 years ago, it starts to become prohibitive.


On the Calendar interface, it would be really helpful to add another button like the TODAY button, such that when clicked, the Calendar plugin would jump to the month corresponding to the value of for the note in the currently active tab. This would make it much faster and more convenient to navigate temporally contiguous sets of notes from far in the past.

Alternatively or additionally, any kind of update allowing for fast jumping to a month far in the past (e.g. typing in a date, or clicking on a popup dialogue showing a menu of the last 12 months, with an option to click an arrow to view the previous 12 months, etc) would be an improvement over having to click through the months one at a time.