Buttons + Templater | Templater does not immerse into the note when renaming or moving a note

Hello everyone,

I am creating a button, which will work for each new unique project. What happens is, that the note moves and renames successfully, however the templater plugin does not immerse into the note. The button is on the main page of the project in the project file, and I want to move it in one of the subfolders.

Here is by button code:
name Create CrossRoad
type note(item, split) template
action templater__asset--X
templater true

Here is the templater code:

const dv = this.app.plugins.plugins["dataview"].api
const active = this.app.workspace.lastOpenFiles[0]
const path = dv.page(active).file.folder

await tp.file.move(path + "/" + await tp.system.suggester(["Brainstorm", "Idea", "FE", "BE", "Documentation"], ["1__brainstorm", "2__idea", "3__assets--fe", "4__assets--be", "5__documentation"], false, "text") + "/" + await tp.system.prompt("File name: "))

Thank you for help in advance

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