Button to add new note if search query doesn't match any existing note titles

I often find myself thinking “Did I already make a note about X topic?”, so I go to the search bar to search the topic title. When there’s no results who’s file name matches the query, I make a new note. I think this is probably pretty common among users. I wish that during these moments, a simple button would appear right under the search bar, allowing me to click to create a new note, automatically setting the query as the title.


In a similar situation as @tcon. Would like to be able to create a new note directly from the search field if I have not found an exact match to my search term. nvALT has this solved very neatly: after a search with no results you hit enter and the search term turns into the title of a newly created note. A button as the OP suggest would be fine, but a simple key sequence (opt+enter or similar) would easily do the job for me without claiming visual space.

But this is already possible by using the quick switcher!


OP is talking about doing the same from the search bar.

I know - but I am not quite sure about the specific use case. The search function allows me to get an overview of a couple of notes mentioning a certain topic in different contexts; whereas the question “did I already make a note about topic XY?” can be answered, I think, by only using the quick switcher - that’s at least how I proceed in this case as the main topic of a note is usually reflected in its file name.

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