Button order in Ribbon not the same in iOs / MacOs


When I reorganize my buttons in the ribbon in MacOs, they don’t appear in the same order on my iPad and iPhone. Could this be resolved?

And is there a way to change the button order on iPad or iPhone?


What are you using to sync?

If you’re using Obsidian Sync, have you told it to sync settings (in Settings > Sync)?

MacOS and iPhone/iPad workspaces aren’t the same so no mirrored ordering right now.

You can hide buttons and change the order on iPad with the Commander plugin, but that part of Commander doesn’t work on the iPhone.

We’ll see what the next mobile version brings.

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I’m using the commander plugin, but I can’t see how to change the order on iPad. In the settings of the commander plugin it says that reordering and sorting can be done by dragging. But that doesn’t work either.

Using iCloud.

Hiding/dragging is only on desktop.

On iPad you hide all ribbon icons, add back the ones you want, then reorder all in Commander.

Can a mod move this to help. Thanks.

Not quite a mod, but moved to Help.

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Where do you do the initial hide of all ribbon icons, I can’t see that option.
The “Hide other Commands” in Commander doesn’t have anything there.

Not sure. What OS are you using?

I just looked on desktop (macOS) and mobile (iOS): Commander > Ribbon > Hide other Commands lists all my active plugins with an eye icon to the right of each one.

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