Bunch of plugins not loading & throwing errors

Things I have tried

Restarted Obsidian
Updated Obsidian
Restarted computer
Tried another computer

What I’m trying to do

Open & use my vault

Like the subject says, with one of my vaults I’m getting 5 or so plugins fail to load.
All cannot be enabled in settings and throw the same error message

app.js:1 Plugin failure: obsidian-spaced-repetition SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token
    at eval (<anonymous>)
    at app.js:1
    at t.<anonymous> (app.js:1)
    at app.js:1
    at Object.next (app.js:1)
    at s (app.js:1)

I’d love to sort this out pronto


OK, re-installing the plugins seems to have fixed this issue at the moment.

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