Bullet Points are not rendered when chekmarks are present

Steps to reproduce

Create numbered and not-numbered list with checkmarks:

1. [ ] One
2. [ ] Two
- [ ] One
- [ ] Two

Expected result

Both numbers and bullet points are rendered

Actual result

Only numbers are rendered, bullet points are not.


  • Operating system:
  • Obsidian version:

Obsidian 0.8.14 Appimage on Ubuntu

Additional information

This bug is related to this one regarding numbered lists

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Numbered list with checkboex are not well defined but we added them. Now, I am not sure we should add the bullet to bullet list with checkboxes.

I’m afraid I don’t understand what not well defined means in this context. My (probably naive) flowchart was:

  • Is bullet list?

    • Has check box?
      • Yes: On [Enter], create next line with bullet and check box
      • No: On [Enter], create bullet point
  • Is Numbered List?

    • Has check box?

And so on. But I admit I don’t know much about the mark down specs, and it is possible I’m not seeing an ambivalent case.

1. [ ] One this syntax is not defined in any markdown specification. We added it upon user request but it’s not standard.

Whereas this - [ ] is standard (part of GFM) but is rendered without a bullet point, just a checkbox.

We’ll think about it, some users may not like the change. I am moving this to feature request because it’s not a bug per se.

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I see. Well, it’s not a make-or-break thing for me, and I’m happy that numbered lists now support check marks. I can live without bullet points if check marks are there :smile: