Bullet marks

perhaps it’s just the themes I’ve chosen (different ones for different vaults), but bullet marks do not render as expected (something) like:
but instead more plainly as
while Headings 1 2 & 3 render as prepended with large bullets AND INDENTATION:
◉ and [?undisplayable?] and ✸
(then repeated for Headings 4 5 & 6)
I’d expect no bullets for headings (and maybe no indentation), with much more differentiated bullets for actual bulleted text…
(This unexpected behavior is similar to Zettler [which does not truly ”render”], but in Joplin bullets render as expected from Markdown.)

UPDATE: just noticed that the /same/ theme (Reverie) used in 2 different vaults has a different rendering of headers: no bullet & no indentation, and while /might/ be an issue related to other settings, almost all are the same (other than Calendar Plugin is OFF)
(original comment on bullet-point rendering remains the same)

We don’t provide support for thirt-party themes.

Also, as indicated in the template (which you didn’t follow), a bug report should be filed with the default css and no third party plugin.

1- was not clear this was a .css issue or a plugin issue
2- still don’t know, so will post to both
3- thanks for clarifying