Buglike Behavior-Attempting to Open Directory as Vault

I’ve encountered some behavior with Obsidian that I haven’t been able to work around. While quite likely self-inflicted, I hope that documenting it here will spark some clever/obvious fix.

Current Environment:

  • OS - Mac OS X 10.15.5
  • Obsidian Versions 0.8.1 and 0.8.2

I have several directories of files in markdown format. For example:


Filenames all have an extension of “.md”

If I “Open Folder as Vault” on " NoteRepository/MorningPages", Obsidian displays

which is the expected behavior

If I “Open Folder as Vault” on " NoteRepository", Obsidian displays

If I inspect the .obsidian directory in the first instance I find


In the second instance I see only


I presume that accounts for the differences in what Obsidian displays,
However, I cannot discern either what I am doing differently or what differences in the contents of the Vault directories would account for the behavior.

I have deleted Obsidian and reinstalled it. That does not clear the problem.

More than happy to provide more information if helpful, If anyone can point me in the direction of a solution (or discern what i am doing that i cannot see), I would appreciate it.

Two points:

  1. we do not explicitly support nested vaults (a vault in a vault). So pick one folder to be your vault.
  2. Start fresh: delete .obsidian in the two nested vaults you created.

Pick a directory for your vault. If you have again this problem:

  1. try to do cmd-shift-i (open console) and report any error message here
  2. do you have files with unsupported filenames in your vault (filename has a * " \ / < > : | ? )

The combination solved the problems.

Removed the nesting of vaults

And several file export/conversion efforts had indeed left some file names that were problematic.

Appreciate the quick response greatly.

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