[Bug] Zooming in / out by pinching on the graph view does not work

Are you using iOS or Android?

[x] iOS
[ x] Android

Is this a bug report or a feature request?

[x] Bug report
[x] Feature request

We can argue this is a bug/feature but essentially pinching in/out on a graph view does not work just moves it around


Yes this would be very useful. It would also be nice to be able to open notes from the graph view.


I’d argue for it being a bug as it was the first thing I tried to do and the graph jumps around spastically when doing so.

The reason I didn’t go for bug is that on the desktop pinching doesn’t work either you scroll and it’s not a default behavior you have to enable it. I just figured feature was a better motivational route :sunglasses:

Mine was behaving like all others mentioned here and now it will not show anything.

Forgot about this post. All is back now.

Just the zoom and pinch is still inoperative.

Also happens in Android v0.0.13.

  • Pinch zoom does not work
  • Clicking on notes does not open a note

Thanks @rupadarshiray - updated ticket to reflect both OS options

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this was done in 1.0

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