[Bug] Wrong outline on startup



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.0

If I had multiple tabs open and then restart Obsidian, the outline sometimes is for a different tab than the one shown. Editing the document brings up the right outline. Editing just means placing the cursor in the file of the current tab. I don’t have to change anything to get the outline correct.

Post a screen recording of this happening in a vault with restricted mode on and default theme.


Here. This is right after startup. The outline is for a different file than what’s shown. Restricted mode is on.

I see this every time I change tabs. The outline doesn’t change until I tap inside the editor. (Android mobile)

I can’t reproduce it. Create a new empty vault and show me how it happens.

Alternatively you can use your vault but you must be in restricted mode/default theme/restart Obsidian.

Yeah in a new vault I don’t see it either. How can we troubleshoot this?

try your own vault in restricted mode/default theme & restart Obsidian.