Bug with Tab key in Obsidian editor (core)

Hello all.
I don’t know when it was appeared, maybe after some updates…but there is some terrible TAB key issue.
Look at the pic: when I press Tab key on a keyboard, it makes a Tab, but when I begin typing, Obsidian makes a huge SPACE before first symbol. I can’t remove it, it can be removed only with whole Tab indent.
Also I can’t place cursor before first letter (look at the gif).
Latest Obsidian installed with Various Complements (also latest).
How can I fix this space?
Obsidian tab issue

Follow the steps in the troubleshooting guide.

You can also check the GitHub pages of the plugins you are using for any issues.

  1. Check. Theme updated.
  2. Check. Plugins updated.
    Also Obsidian updated. Bug is present.
    Checked sandbox vault: problem still experienced.
    How can I fix this bug?

Anyone here?
I see that Obsidian team thinks that this is normal behavior, right?

I see it’s before Obsidian treats Tab as list entry. So it’s append a space for a level arrow
Tell, please, How can I disable this feature and return old Tab behavior?