Bug with SwiftKey and Obsidian Mobile when using Google voice-to-text (not fixed as of v1.6.3)

The bug I and others previously report in March 2024 is not fixed yet.

Cannot open Google voice-to-text when using Swiftkey keyboard as default. It might open the first time you try to open it, but after that it will not open again, the V2T pane immediately disappears.

My phone is Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 pro, android 13 , MIUI 14.0.9.

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same, any news?

No. not fixed and no response here from any Obsidian devs.

We will double check.

Is the problem with swift key or is the problem with the additional input method that google voice-to-text provides?

Thanks for looking into this annoying issue.

As reported in the older bug report threads, Swiftkey/voice-to-text works as normal when used with other apps, it only breaks when using with Obsidian (android). I just did a quick test with Keep notes, then with a small homescreen notes app called Weenote, both worked fine. The older threads also said this problem was not only with SwiftKey but with other non Gboard default keyboards/voice-to-text in Obsidian android.

To add, the problem is that the voice-to-text interface will not open when using SwiftKey, not that it does not work.