Bug with farthest top right icon unclickable when window frame style "hidden" is selected

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Hi, I search high and low for this and did not find it. Note that I have been able to repeat the bug after disabling all plugins. Note that I do not think this was always happening for me. Also it does not matter what theme is selected, this occurs for me with default.

Steps to reproduce

  1. In appearance, you select hidden for window frame style (which is default) - but it seems to only popup after using Obsidian a while.
  2. I can do two things to experience the bug. One, if the right side panel is not open, I can click the right side panel icon and it does nothing. It’s like dead space. I have to use ctrl-p to show. Two, if the right side pane is open, then the farthest right icon, no matter which panel, is also dead space and not clickable.

Expected result

I would expect that those icons would be clickable and obsidian would function accordingly.

Actual result

They don’t work - and they only want to make both issues work is to windows frame style either set to obsidian frame or native frame.


  • Operating system: Windows 11emphasized text
  • Debug info: I know how to access the console. Can you tell me what I’m supposed to copy? I searched and can’t find an answer :-/

Additional information

Cannot click here:

… so I cannot open right sidebar unless I do ctrl-p.

Once it’s open then I can’t click here (the farthest right icon, at this time calendar, but whatever is at the farthest right at any given time doesn’t work):


download and reinstall obsidian. Post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault.

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