[Bug] Uncommon backspace behavior on iOS


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.15

Given that I have a longer paragraph of text
And that I use the on-screen keyboard
When I am at the end of the paragraph
And I hold down the backspace button
Then after some milliseconds, deletion should happen “per word” instead of “per character”
But instead it keeps deleting per character, but slower (at the speed it usually deletes words).

More info:
Deleting whole words after holding down backspace for a while is the normal iOS on-screen keyboard behavior. That’s why I would expect the same here. Note that full words are deleted slower than individual characters. It appears, that the “mode” somehow does change, as deleting becomes slower after the usual time of keeping backspace pressed, but it still only deletes characters (only slower now).

If you are a regular iOS user, you will immediately see what I mean when you try it out yourself.

I’ve also noticed these differences with native iOS/iPadOS text editing.

Speaking of backspace: usually on iPad, when you hold down ⌘ (CMD) and press delete/backspace, it deletes the entire line of text. Right now, ⌘Delete doesn’t do anything in Obsidian for iPad.

I have performed an upgrade of our editor engine, and I am no longer able to reproduce these issues. Holding backspace with the on-screen keyboard deletes by word after a few seconds, and Cmd+delete removes the whole line now.

Please let me know if you guys are seeing similar results, thanks!

I just tested with my iPad and Obsidian 0.1.0. CMD+Del does delete the entire line but keeping and holding delete still keeps deleting by character and doesn’t accelerate unfortunately.

Thanks! Backspace now works as expected on my iPhone with the on-screen keyboard.
Wasn’t able to test with a hardware keyboard.

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