[Bug] Too easy to accidentally Follow a link in Live Preview Mode


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.1.1 build 44

In build v1.1.1 build 44, it’s really easy to accidentally click a link while scrolling/editing with Live Preview editor enabled as the default view.

In prior builds (v1.1.0 build 38 and before) the behavior required a user to tap into a line to render the plain text view, then tap the link, then tap Follow Link(3 taps). If a user tapped the link directly, the Follow Link would appear (2 taps).

Introduced in build 44, you could tap on the link that’s been rendered in Live Preview mode immediately (1 tap).

I find this behavior makes it too easy to accidentally follow the link when the intention was to edit the line. I think this catches me off guard because I always think I’m in edit mode, even if while other lines are being Live Previewed. aka Editing Prioritized vs Previewing Prioritized.

Similarly, the behavior of clicking within a translucented content differs between plain text and a link. Tapping on plain text jumps into edit mode of the line that includes a transclusion. Tapping on the link immediately follows the link.

I marked this as a bug because it deviates from prior behavior, also because the new behavior wasn’t mentioned in the release notes.

Proposed solution: allow users to configure a new setting “Link behavior in Live Preview Lines and Transclused Notes” with either:

  • (default) “Always go into edit mode” - always show a popup to “Follow the Link” tapping on a link
  • “Follow Link on Rendered Lines” - tapping on a link that’s beened render will active the link

I’m proposing a new setting because some uses may like Preview prioritized behaviors in Live Preview Mode, but some prefer Edit prioritized behavior.

This is an intentional change (mirroring the desktop change).
You can use tap and hold.

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