[Bug] The cursor is not moved to a new line


[ ] iOS
[ * ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.4

The cursor is not moved to a new line.
The behavior is not constantly reproduced. As far as I was able to catch, this happens if the cursor is placed in the middle of a word.


Does this happen with community plugins disabled and the default theme?

Yes, same result.
Seems I caught it. I see that the cursor moves to new line if there is line below.

Screencast on imgur.com

Weird. Can I ask you to try with a different keyboard and/or an English alphabet? Or is that the stock android keyboard?

Yeah, are you using the default Android keyboard? Keyboard can play a role in input bugs.

@ryanjamurphy @Silver,
Gboard is my general build-in keyboard in firmware.
I see such a bug in Obsidian only.

Perhaps, indeed, this is a feature of my firmware. Let’s just poll the focus group. If no one else reproduces this behavior, then you can close this ticket.

Redmi 5 Plus
Android 11
Evolution X 5.5.2

Screencast with SwiftKey

Could it be an autocomplete spellcheck type function kicking in and forcing “te/st” back into “test”?

I encounter the same problem today when typing on my android, unable to create a new line by pressing the enter button
I then try to replicate the problem in a new note but all is well and nothing happens.

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I encountered this as well in v1.0.4 on my Samsung Galaxy M51 w/ Android 11. Persisted through open/close of Obsidian, reboot and was reproducible with the same text in a new vault with default settings. It occurs with multiple software keyboards including the built-in Samsung keyboard and also still happens with a bluetooth keyboard. Enter works correctly in the first paragraph of text, the broken behaviour occurs only inside the second paragraph for me. Wasn’t limited to cursor being in the middle of a word – also broken when after or before punctuation or words, in the middle of three spaces, etc.

Thanks. I imagine it was happening with English keyboards, not another language?

Yeah, English.

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Also encountered this. Through a little bit of testing, I think this is persistent when you try to make a line break in the middle of a line without having any other lines below.

I also think that this bug only happens when typing at the end of the file.

Workaround is to make an empty line after the line you are typing, amd things go back to normal.

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I have updated to version 1.0.5. The bug is no longer reproduced.
But at the same time, I upgraded to A12. So I don’t know what helped in the end. I think the ticket can be closed. :purple_heart:

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