[Bug] "Select All" and moving the upper text handle crashes the app

Steps to reproduce

1. Create / Open any file.
  1. Go to Reading View, long-click select any text in the file, then click “Select All”.
  2. Notice how the title text is also selected and the text select handle appears before the title.

    (It could be just my device, if the handle does not appear, try scroll down to the bottom of the file. If it still doesn’t appear, then I don’t know what to do now too…)

Expected result

It comes down to only select text in the file. / The "Select All" button should not select text in the title bar at all.

Actual result

Obsidian just... completely crashes.


  • Operating system: Android 11, OneUI 3.1 on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Debug info: No option for that

Additional information

I know the "Select all button also selects title" is a known bug for a long time now, but is never fixed and doesn't cause lots of harm anyway. This is the first crashing bug I believe, and is this fixable...?

Upstream bug: 1157684 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail

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