[Bug] Screenshot shared to Obsidian should have links appended to notes, not inserted at the top


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.2.3 (57)

If I share a screenshot to Obsidian, I get prompted to either "insert into " or “Insert link into daily note”.

If I choose “Insert link into daily note”, it works as expected: a link is appended to the note at the bottom.

But if I choose "insert link into ", a link is inserted where Obsidian thinks the cursor is. But the problem is that the cursor is often at the top of the note, e.g. soon after a daily note is created by the system. This means that a link is inserted at the top, messing up the frontmatter.

Instead, the link should always be appended to the note regardless of cursor position. Or maybe there should be a separate menu entry that says "append link to " in addition to the above choices.

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