[Bug] RESOLVED - unable to edit/add content in a note + editing only uses 20% of screen size


[ ] iOS - iphone 11 pro

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.3


when creating a note, I can easily add/change the title, but not add content.
I click on the area below the title but don’t get the context option/keyword to type or add content.

Also, whenever I’m able to add text, only 20% of the screen is used for adding text, so only the top part is showing content with scrollbar while the bottom part is completely blank.

And last, via templates I added text which is visible in preview mode, but not in editing mode.

Any idea what’s wrong?

Screenshots would help. Are you using a theme?

Gah, I should have checked that.

Yes, I used the “notation” theme, which seems to be causing the issue.

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