[Bug] Quotes within Search causing consistent crashing

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Search function on mobile works fine, but when I “quote” the search term, results start to come up, but the app crashes consistently.

That is all.

I can’t seem to repro - How does it crash? Is it the native android “App has stopped working”?

I’d suspect the app runs out of memory rendering the search or something probably if that’s the case.

Sorry @Licat , I don’t check the forum super often and didn’t realize you had responded.

No, I don’t get any prompts saying that there was an error, but I am dumped back onto my home screen and then have to open the app, select which vault I want to enter, etc. and the query is empty.

I didn’t realize, this was back on .8 and I’m now on .12. However, the issue still persists. It doesn’t do crash immediately, but it does always crash. And even queries that only bring up one note will crash the app.

Got it. If you can send a video showing the issue that would be hugely appreciated.
Would also help if you can let us know what size of your vault is generally.

Now when I search, it actually crashes every single time. I’ve updated to the new Android Webview version and am on version 13. This is now with every search, not just with quotes. The search works, but if I sit and wait for the entire search to complete, it crashes.

Uploading: crash-video000-772compressed.gif…

So, it took me a long time, I had to download a new tool to get it small enough to upload. But here it is. All of the new versions still crash for me.

On a Samsung S9.

Seems like your gif didn’t upload (I’m seeing an Uploading: placeholder). I still think it’s an out-of-memory issue. What’s your vault size (# files and how much space does it occupy)?

Ok, thanks for still thinking about this.

2,359 files and 1.1 GB
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is this still happening?