[Bug] Problems using keyboard and trackpad since iOS 16 on iPad

Hello there,

I updated to iPadOS16 last day. Now, whenever I press Cmd+W to close tabs, it closes Obsidian entirely. Also, if i use control+mouseclick, it shows me this weird „scan, search web“ stuff which covers the action pane when choosing a folder for example. It overlaps to much, that I can’t choose „move file to“ or „rename folder“.

By now, I work around it by using the screen since it‘s an iPad, but it‘s just messing with my usual workflow this the shortcuts and the keyboard.

Also (this one‘s maybe for another topic), since the new Obsidian version, numbered lists are displayed as bullet points in reading view. I tested it in a completely new vault without plugins and it happened there as well!


Great observation, I’m noticing this too on iPadOS16.
I’ve tested this with other apps that have multiple tabs - including stock apps like Safari and App Store ones like GoodNotes - and this works as expected, it closes the open tab.

My guess is it’s an issue/bug whereby Obsidian should be overriding the system function for this shortcut, like other apps do, but doesn’t.

I’d open a bug report however, even thought I thought iPadOS 16 was available to everyone, it wasn’t for me a few days ago and I had to install the beta, and I believe bug reports aren’t accepted when using a beta OS.

If you’re on it as a general release and not a beta you could open a bug report.

iPad Settings > Accessibility > Full Keyboard Access > Commands lets you change some of the keyboard shortcuts, but doesn’t seem to let you change what CMD + W does.

Accessibility lets you set per-app settings but I looked into this and it doesn’t let you change the shortcut keys.

My solution for now is changing the shortcut from cmd+w to shift+w

This can be closed it think, I added this in more or less the same form into the bugs section! Sorry for that, new to forums :slight_smile:

Actually this is the right place for mobile bugs — just put [Bug] at the start of the title.

Also, yes, the numbered list thing should be it’s own topic (and I’ve confirmed it on my own iPad — what an unexpected bug!).

Thanks for helping out! It seems like I can‘t change the title anymore, gonna keep that in mind for the future.

I changed it with my magic powers. You’ll be able to update your own post titles after you’ve been active in the forum for long enough.

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Astonishing, ty!

cmd+w was fixed a while back