Bug or just the way markdown works?

I am not sure if Help is the right category to post, or the bug reports.

If I write some text, and put a word in < > , the text word between turns red (as code) and afterwards some things in Obsidian do not work: I cannot make Headings with # (or ##, or ###) , bullet-points are not transformed to the neat-looking automatic bullets, links (in [[ ]]) are not clickable etc. This is happening in LiveView.
However, when I switch to Read Mode, everything is as it should be.

Is this a bug or “just the way markdown works”?

I am using the latest (outsider) version of Obsidian (also downloaded the last installer).

What I’m trying to do

This is the way HTML works.
It’s an understandable but unfortunate side effect of mixing editing languages (markdown and HTML, in this case).

The display is seeing an opening tag such as <word> and thinks “here’s the start of an HTML tag” and styles it accordingly. It will continue styling this way until the tag is closed, with </word>. The bonus, of course, is if you use valid HTML it will render properly.

A simple way to counter this is to escape the characters using a backslash, like so - Top in live preview, bottom in reading mode:

It admittedly looks a little clunky in LP, but reading mode is fine. FWIW, I personally stopped using brackets entirely - for this and other reasons.

Thank you very much for the detailed answer! Another thing learned.

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