[Bug] options often not appearing when highlighting text on Android app



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.1.0

I’m on an Oppo Reno4 SE running Android 11.

Lately I’ve encountered a lot of bugs with the basic text editing on the mobile version. This is just one of them that happens so frequently it makes me want to find an alternative to obsidian.

Almost every time I highlight text no options to copy or select all or anything else appear. If I press again it sometimes pastes the text automatically without ever showing a paste button.

Sometimes it does this and sometimes it doesn’t.

I can confirm 100% exactly the same bug. On android. I love the app, but this bug makes it unusable to use it.

I also confirm this bug on my Samsung a32, which makes it very difficult for me too work on Android. This is one of the major difficulties that keeps me from embracing Obsidian as my go-to writing app.

Is this still happening? Can post a screen recording?

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